About Jonathan

I would describe myself as «endlessly curious». I'm fascinated by just about everything around me and it shapes the way I see the world. At my core I love telling stories that help people achieve their full potential.

A Manifesto
I also love the intersection of technology, creativity, art, faith, music, and culture. I’m optimistic about the future. The future of humanity. The future of the Church. The future of my family and children. The future that technology creates and enables—with healthy limits. We should be asking deeper questions about the way achieving the future we have always dreamed of is working against our ability to fully embrace what it is to be human.

Some Personal Notes
On a practical level, I’m an author, designer, and web technologist. I also dabble in photography and other creative projects. I’m most passionate about connecting design and technologies to brands, companies, and stories. The places where all of these collide and intersect I find particularly fascinating.

The State of Oregon (in the Pacific Northwest), has been my home all my life. There is something melancholy and magical about this place I call «home». It still holds many mysteries to me, but it is deeply familiar. Much like God, and much like my beautiful wife.

I hope you find my work and perspective interesting. Get in touch if you want to chat further or work on a project together.