Oxford defines a colophon as a publisher's emblem or imprint, usually appearing on the title page of a book. Historically it provided authorship, printing, and publishing ephemera. A nerdy artifact containing tehnical details for people interested in those sorts of things.

Web technologies are complex. Designing and building for the fabric of the modern web requires understanding the context you are designing for, which are ever-changing. To build this site, I wanted to choose technologies that were simple, straightfoward, performant, and scalable. Here is a super-nerdy technical rundown.

Modern & Static
This site was built with Gatsby, a React-based framework that generates static websites and apps. It's speed and ability to mix content from a variety of sources, as well as its funding and ecosystem make it a fantastic, modern way to build fast websites.

Netlify is a powerful static hosting solution, that has a fast CDN and SSL baked in. Deploying via Git commits via GitHub is seamless and Netlify even has their own DNS service and secure form endpoints to add dynamic features to a static site. I can’t recommend a hosting/deploy pipeline more.

This website is typeset in Input Mono by the fabulous DJR.