Privacy Policy

I care deeply about your privacy. The amount of information that is mis-used by corporations (small and large) today is disturbing and unncessary. I believe the Internet should be free, open, and safe for all visitors. Because of this I have chosen software that is more limited in scope in order to provide visitors an experience that respects their privacy.

Many web analytics packages collect a large swath of information (some personally identifiable, and some not). I have chosen to use Cloudflare for DNS security and global CDN and they have built-in privacy-first analytics that protects your personal privacy. To quote from their website:

«Get metrics on the usage of your website—without sacrificing the privacy of your visitors.»

No personal information (IP addresses, cookies, etc.) has been or will be used to identify visitors to this site.

Personal Information
The only personally identifiable information that is collected on this site, is through our Contact Form on the main page. The site is SSL encrypted by Let’s Encrypt and hosted securely on Netlify. Netlify also provides HTTPS-encrypted form endpoints that are used to transmit form data. The data collected by the form is at the sole discretion of visitors and isn’t shared with any third-parties. The sole purpose of the Contact Form is to have meaningful personal interaction (via email) with visitors and prospective clients. Your data will never ever be sold or used for anything else. I promise.

Should you have any concerns or questions about this site’s policies, please contact me at