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Jonathan Simcoe

Jesus follower. Husband. Father. Designer. Photographer. Deeply loved.

About Me

Jonathan Simcoe in 2009.

I am first a Christian and then a husband and father who strives to glorify God in all aspects of my life. I am Senior Product Designer at Circle with Disney where I shape the direction of our brand and products through design.

I previously done work for Under Armour, Mozo Shoes, TGC, Songs for Saplings, and a host of smaller clients. Before that WebMD Health Services where I helped push new standards like responsive design and adoption of HTML5 and CSS3 to produce better web experiences for clients. Prior to WebMD, I worked at the Waggener Edstrom Studio Dā„¢ digital strategies practice, churning out creative web, digital and print work for clients such as Microsoft, Bing, Verizon, HTC, Sasquatch! Music Festival, Washington Roundtable, and the Jebsen Group.

I have a passion for learning and am excited about the direction of the web, as well as how new-fangled web technologies are facilitating and enabling great content to take on a variety of forms to reach new audiences.

Recent Work